Friday, April 25, 2008

Keds Like Jack

Staying on the Jack Purcell theme, Keds in Japan of course have reissued this JP like style. It looks and feels more like the Der Sammler Solo shoe than a JP. These can be found at Tomorrowland in Tokyo and other locations throughout Japan.

Der Sammler Solo

I've worn Jack Purcell's for a long time until I came across my first pair of Schwarzenbacher's two years ago. Ever since then I've been on the hunt for them. Here's the collection so far. I believe they have changed their name which is now Der Sammler Solo, which is a full men's collection. The fabrics they use for the body of the shoes are amazing, old fabric used to make tents (Green Pair), Oxford Cloth (Blue Pair), Tote Bag Canvas (White Pair). Happy Hunting!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1942 Officers Guide

This is a copy of a 1942 Officers Guide I bought at a used book store in Park Slope. Chapters include: "Assumption Of Command" "Mess Management" "Pay And Allowances" "Provisions In Anticipation Of Death" How different this guide would be after the war. Since this book was published in 1942 would it be considered a war souvenir?

Lost and Found Beams+ Catalog

Found this catalog for Beams+ which I thought I lost. Nice layout on this brown paper cover. The colors are saturated which give the items on the cover a nice patina.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Russell Moccasin For Nepenthes

This post  is a little late but worth sharing. This is a pair of Russell Moccasins for Nepenthes NY from the 07-08 Fall/Winter collection. They were very limited in of course all hand made. Really nice rendering of a classic shoe silhouette by using mixed leather panels. I'm happy to say I've managed to acquire a pair.

Yuketen For Barney's NY Japan Stores Prt. 2

Here are the three other great classic styles Yuketen was commissioned  to design for Barney's NY Japanese Stores. Now if Yuketen would only consider offering some of these styles for the US market! Please? Photo courteous of

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yuketen For Barney's NY Japanese Stores

I have to wear a bib  every time I look at these shoes. Yuketen is a fine quality American shoe maker. Most recognizable here in the States for their lace up boots and mocs with generous crepe soles. This particular Cordovan leather moccasin was produced exclusively for Barney's NY in Japan. Hopefully Yuketen will make something similar for the US.

Freeman's New Shirt Collection Release

A new collection of button down shirts have just been released at their shop. Great fits, good proportions. Freeman's Sporting Club

Hobo X Viberg

Nice boot collaboration between Hobo and Viberg. Visually I love the look of these boots but they are not a diverse shoe. They really look there best with a straight or narrow pant leg. Available through

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Home Town Pride

I'm lucky enough to have Hollander & Lexer in my neighborhood here in Brooklyn. This store's clothing and decor is well executed. Well worth the trip over from Manhattan. Also associated and across the street with equal character is the home furnishing store Darr.  


These Hobo's ride in fine style.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

45RPM Summer Collection

This gingham seersucker blazer which is part of the upcoming  45RPM summer collection is a must have in my closet. Summer collection is available  now through Japan and very soon after in the states.

Crepe Sole Alden Wingtip's

At first glance these appear to be a regular pair of Alden wing tips but I assure you they are not. This particular pair happens to have a crepe sole which is not noticeable without really looking. Walked all over Tokyo in these and they definitely past the comfy test. This model is exclusive to Beams + Japan. Also available is a brown suede model that is exclusive to Beams: Vermeerist.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Engineered Garments Winter 2008

Managed to get a hold of the Winter 2008 Engineered Garments Catalog. One of the many things I like about them is there offering of the Bedford jacket each season but in new fabrications for each season. For winter 2008 they offer it in two fabrications. In this catalog I didn't see any indication of a shoe collaboration with Russell Moccasin as in the last few seasons but I'm sure it will materialize.


This blog was created for like minded individuals who share a passion for quality Classic American Sportswear, shoes and accessories past and present. The goal here is to hopefully come across as resourceful and not as one's own indulgence. As of late the Classic American Sportswear market has been lacking in quality and tradition that once made it so iconic the world over. 

Thanks to a handful of young brands and designers here in the US that spirit for making quality sportswear and workwear lives on. Lastly you will notice a lot of references to brands and retailers in Japan. Most of you will already be aware that certain Japanese brands and retailers have been carrying the torch for years!
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